Arati is a very professional book designer, great with deadlines and solving problems along the way. I enjoy working with her very much!

Genia Patestides / World Book Media LLC

Arati is creative, meticulous and a pleasure to work with – her design work is thoughtfully and beautifully executed and she works fast too – always a bonus!

Nandita Jaishankar Allana

… Working within a pre-existing framework is not without its challenges, but Arati’s flexibility overcame all structural obstacles. Turnaround time was excellent. Above all, Arati brought flair and lapidary precision to every aspect of the project. Our print-ready files bear witness to her professionalism.

Adam Kolczynski / iAuthor

Arati has performed superbly for us on a number of projects and we will continue to use her skills on future titles.

Rupert Webb / Worth Press

Arati is an excellent designer, and works very diligently at the projects she is involved in. She has a good temperament, and works well with people.

Nissar Allana / TTA

Arati worked with me only for a couple of months. What struck me about her was the quality of her work. I can’t remember an instance where we would need Arati to rework on anything she had submitted. Or remind her about deadlines, as she would always deliver what was required on or before time. […]

Hoshie Ghaswalla / formerly of CyberMedia Services

Arati has been a very supportive colleague.She is very organised and methodical. Very receptive and open to ideas and suggestions.She is creative and techno savvy and always ready to heip.

Sneha Das / Head Designer at Roli Books

Arati is a result-oriented and a very competent designer with an eye for detail. What I’ve liked about working with her is that after a brief, she completes a project independently and ensures that she meets the deadline. She is extremely creative and focussed in anything she does.

Atika Gupta / formerly of Roli Books

Arati is one of the few people I have come across who have the rare mix of qualities that includes professional skill, good attitude and a high degree of personal integrity. I was lucky to have her on my team. Our clients at Encyclopedia Britannica, both in India as well as Chicago, were also particularly […]

Sanjay Jain / CyberMedia Services